Frodo Achieves His Mission

Well done, Frodo my cat.
‘Frightened Frodie’, scaredy-cat,
‘Frodo-dodo’, ‘Frodo-mojo’,
Mister Frodo, beloved cat.

This morning I saw in our interaction,
you have achieved your mission;
from frightened Frodo
to Frodo the Super-chilled cat.

You were one of a litter of five,
where your four siblings were
put down by the SPCA
for being too feral, too feeble.

For your mother was a stray,
(and your father who-knows-who),
and you have found your way
and survived your frightening journey.

From ‘Frodo more-backward-than-
forward shy cat’; to approachable
and approaching Frodo with Mojo,
beloved and loving cat.


Yin and Yang


She Was A Bard

She was a bard,
proud to be party to
the story of Being, being assembled
and worked on by a population in transition.
Being called in from an ancient Anglo-Norman minstrel
of the British Isles, Arthur (or Martha) the Brave.

And so, after a lengthy period
of being deeply impressed by the Mystery
that is the Grail and the Grail Mysteries – and yet is unspecified,
being handed down in the form of an oral branch
of the saga that is our infinitely storied tree of life….

She could now develop and grow
both fertile and productive, and of every crop.
and by works of literature felt fertilized within
such fertile belly, and many productive births…
Joseph is always with her, and Mary does not leave him behind.

– – – – –


Breathtaking Study: From Ritual To Romance

The subject of this awe-inspiring study
is a great war fought in our realm
between the forces of Alchemy and Astrology.

Bellorum was the leader in these times.
Her Latin name means both ‘beautiful’
(as both the genitive masculine plural
and genitive neuter plural of ‘bellus’ – ‘beautiful’),
and ‘war’ (as the genitive plural of ‘bellum’ – ‘war’).

So in this time as the leader, she can see both the beauty
in Astrology and Alchemy, and know how also they go to war.
One brings the stars to the atoms,
the other the atoms to the stars.
There is a similarity between them and a difference.

In the first part of this study,
during the time of this war,
we see a ritual where Bellorum
is being greeted in welcome
by the Countess.

There is waste all around.
The Count is dead.
There is no male or female heir.
There were no children.
She was always barren.
The land and the people
were laid to waste
long before this war.

But now, with the Count gone as well,
Both Beauty is barren and Power is defeated.
Like white cliffs are both the Widow and the land.
But no greater difference is there between her and Bellorum.

Bellorum knows both beauty similarity and war of difference.
She as the leader wants to restore peace in the kingdom.
So it is not a ritual of welcome that she enacts.
But a genuine love, and especially for the men of the kingdom,
those that made war in emphasizing difference.

She bequeaths fertility and abundance to the wasteland.
The seeds that lie in the earth of alchemy
are blessed by astrology’s sunlight and warmth.

The men bear witness to her peace-giving powers.
The older call her ‘niece’ and the younger ‘aunty’.
Those her age call her sister and beloved and Queen.

And in this new realm
she finds romance
at the helm
with her King.

A Place For You In My Trinity

Blessed goddess, I have a place for you in my Trinity,
the father, the mother, the child spirit of the Holy Ghost
born between them.

Mother Mary, Magdalena, wild woman, herbalist,
witch, heretic and slut. In this trinity you are the birthing energy,
the siren, the selkie, the high priestess.

The Mother Gaia and all her creatures.
I fall in reverence to your feet dressed in flowers
among overflowing streamlets.

This kale and this seaweed feed my belly
like your blessing feeds my soul.
Under-celebrated and undercover Goddess,

though you are the beauty of the world,
it is only in your deep veils of ultimate mystery
that the shining beauty of this true reality is revealed.

Picture Credit: Robbie Donaghey

Robby Donaghey11