Rage Rune (‘Rune’ (2007) ‘revision’ as ‘translation’)

Ravenrage diabolus crucifix knife
(Middle Ages heathen/pagan/country folk angry at Christianity’s invasive force)

Hungred hunted the throth bound remain.
(We bound by the truth have been hunted and are hungry)

Inkquire peatbog in lumen light
(Exiled to peat bogs and dim marshes, we have cause to question fate)

Whenced cry carren chillen in hand.
(Where and how are our distant children carried by their mothers?)

Yestered homeheart beat no moren fire.
(Yesterday’s – times of yore – homes are no longer lit with hearthfires)

Trackened marshwood their steps falterbear.
(Tracked and hunted in the marshes, their feet falter, then they bear up again)

Morst to me now inthen grast the chillen carren
(It has been my experience too at times, to take the children, carry them)

Carren cross sarnt the night naughts to them.
(It is nothing to these children, this cross that you carry)

Weast hathoer owne abiden book resplayn.
(We have our own resplendid and holy book that abides with us)

Tays the stories woven webs o oer clayin.
(It tells the stories our ancestors have woven over many generations of ‘clay’)

Noed need orsfor hammer sin crossbladen book.
(We have no need for a hammer and crossblade-sin-laden book)

Curn in deathmartyrs throes aftine crust masters cruik.
(Churned out from the death of martyrs and the high priests’ crooked power)

Callered light crowerd cowl beats ashame.
(Many meanings: Our light may be diminished under cowls of darkness, we may seem like cowering crowds, cowards, but the hallowed light glints on our beaks like dark crows of light all the same…)

Moren men suchas like wi no name.
(And there are many more men such as us who have been robbed of good name)

Send tha hundread ahunt ferus here.
(So send you a hundred or more to hunt for us – the feral – here)

Thas wimin carren chillen in theys nayre ayear
(Those/these women have carried their children like refugees for nearly a year)

Theysorl carryairn sweet dearones agin.
(They – those all – will carry all their dear sweet ones again)

Romen crossern nayst acallered them in.
(This Roman Empire religion of the Cross won’t call/collar/corral them in)

Ahd curlin acornkindred moon enda myne.
(And I’ve curled under the trees and moon with my kind wife and my children/kin)

Adepped as asleept in nowre plumered clouerwine.
(Adept as I, as they have slept peacefully in our plumed and plum red clear and coloured wine of dreamtime)

Cries onye thaes noosehaltered hounds.
(Cry on all those of yours death-serving tracking hounddogs, straining at their noose-like leashes)

Nae sons daughters wies owre’en us thattheys bound
(No sons or daughter or wives of ours – or us – that you might catch and bind)

Will gead wyrds to thae cawr book.
(Will give/cede words to your (thy) coward’s book)

Thaes hang deatheyes ofteare kindred avain.
(Yes, you hang and give death eyes to our dear kin in vain)

Ours alongain runningean faers a’ wimin
(Our a-long-time running and gaining ancient fair ones (faery children) and women)

Eyn carreyn chirren weast towr remain.
(Who have always carried the children will always – in the west tower – remain)


The Elizabethan era (1558–1603) – epoch in the Tudor period
Of the history of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Historians often depict it as the golden age in English history.
The Vegan era (2018-2063) – epoch in the Modern period
Of the history of Earth during the reign of Vegan Central.
Historians often depict it as the golden age in Earth history.

My Cat

I jump, suddenly distracted by his petitioning meiow.
I turn, annoyed by the carnivorous edge to that whine.

‘What!?’ I say, ‘I’ve already fed you! Just an hour ago!
He stops and stares back, transfixed by my odd reaction.

I stop and stare back, and we understand each other.
Yeah, I’m the vegan, and you’re the carnivore.

It’s not your job to scare me.



Mother Gaia
Mother Earth
Mater Gaia

We understand
You are not angry
You are unwell

And we are the cause
Of your unwellness.

You heal to maintain
The perfect homeostasis of your beauty.

: : : : : : : : : : : : :



Animal Brethren and Sistren

It’s a brave man who asks us to consider our identity.
Jordan Peterson talks of the same.
Not to get attached to a ‘group’ identity,
To above all, be thyself.

If plant-based is a piss-weak term for one who
Refuses to buy into the bullshit and doesn’t eat animals –
Themselves, their parts, their anything.

And vegan is that aforementioned tendency
In its awesome branding power (‘We Are The Fucking VEGANS!’) –
So the pithole of getting too identified with what exactly ‘that’ word means…….

In the end, if vegan equally denotes what you DON’T eat, and then,
By sure and savage contrast – as well what you DO identify with –

– – –

It is that ‘world’ of NATURE. We are the reflection of nature
And the world is a reflection of us. Perfect reflections.
Nature is where the animals are sleeping in their dreams.

We are wandering lost still, but they are there,
And we are the souls that could have something to
Say back to them.

Animal brethren and sistren.