Thresh-hold (1980)


And sound
and you
and I on the ground
beneath you, loving you with my eyes

Can we not find each other’s surprise?

For changes
conceal, the days
…we used to run through grass

The ways?
only time has passed; no strangers
to each other now
the same delight, the moonlight, the beach
we cannot reach…into..somehow…

And I on the wave
You in the sea, for me for me for me

And you, yes
my love I’d do anything for you
you for me, save
the days now faded in time

For we have still to find our way
in ceaseless entwine
the days ahead
the same delight a changed insight
and love, my Love, I’m only so new
for you.

Will you see us now, no longer me
and us on the tide of time just starting to be free?


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