Centre Sphere

If half a sphere sat on a square
Such that the circle was intersected
Tangentially where it touched
The midpoints of the four sides

And centred then at cardinal points
Of East and North West and South
So that it formed the upper story
Of a constructed cross of tall hallways

Placed upon platforms of many steps
That led to avenues lined with trees
Surrounded by grounds filled with birds
That flew from forests all around

Laced with roads that winding ran
Along the sides of valleys dividing
Rocky promontories facing plains
Reaching out toward the horizon

Then we might wander to that place
And place our feet upon those steps
Pass through hallways rich with arches
Until we came to that central space

And looking up into that dome
Recognise our sacred home
The heart’s interior in blue of mind
The golden dome in the sky a sign

Echoes of angels in the songs of birds
Mosaic paths to gardened earth
Pillars of virtues guiding the living
Fountains of nourishing waters giving

Peace to the air of dappled sunlight
Leafy shade at edges where we might
Circle the circumference with songs that rhyme
Weave body and soul and words and time

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