A Blessing Of Tea

Mint from the garden that was
Growing in the wrong place
At least you will be feast in my cup of tea.

And then to the pot tipped the lot
Of the organic lemon, cut in two domes
And squeezed down on glass.

Bright liquid lemon-shards
Mixed with hot water. Then thought I’d add
The delicate intimate chamomile flowers.

Suddenly what a feast! This calls for bush
Honey, non-vegan but raw so just the
Most generous gift of a spoon.

And then of course, the kawakawa.
A trip to the holey bush by the caravan.
Two leaves just squeezed into the pot.

Now neverforgetting the root of all teas
The ginger, two slices, and two slices
Of tumeric too, so cheap to buy the root.

Seeing them sink like little subs in the sea
My tired eyes draw nearer. And suddenly
Feel. It’s an infusion! What a bonus!

I bow now for a while to my blue and white
Teapot, to this day, to these tired eyes.
And to all of nature, grateful for your blessing.

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