An Op shop candle
Heavy white globe
There’s no reason you should
Light again.

You sank like
An apple core
So deep into yourself I
Mocked you.

You burned within
And your wick
Became a stub so meek
I mocked you.

I poured hot wax
From the tall blue
Candle to drown your meek
Little flame.

Only ever thinking
It was an aesthetic
Impulse and so voila!
Blue within white.

But drowned
You went out
And the wick folded into
The deep blue sea.

My redemption
A hot wax rescue!
I took the whole white
Globe of the world.

And turned the blue
Like a corkscrew
So the wax circled the walls
And set that sun.

Now your flame
Leaps from the rim
Within the veils of pale blue
And white, the Virgin.

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