Advice To A Lovelorn Man

Well, you’re encouraging me,
So it’s tempting to play
‘Relationship doctor’!

God know, you obviously
Need to get your humour back.
SO! To continue:

Be like two seals where
You have caught lots of fish for her –
BUT enjoy her eating the fish MORE

Than times of ‘giving her a fish!
And don’t take it personally AT ALL
If she hands you one back once in a while!

You don’t WANT to control her attention with your love,
Just come up with another, more modest fish to offer her,
A twinkle in your eye that shows you can handle a few hurts.

Seal women eating fish are such delights
It’s okay it takes a bit of effort,
Mostly in keeping one’s mouth shut,

Remembering to ask questions and be a gentleman:
‘Would you like another fish?’
All good bro, we’re in the same game,

Getting over women who hurt and being reminded
We can still have some fun and not get so ‘bowled’ again.
Trust the swings and the roundabouts and childish charm.

Why not, it works, just don’t go serious about it,
It’s not a badge of honour.
The real fights for love are with ourselves.

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