A Place For You In My Trinity

Blessed goddess, I have a place for you in my Trinity,
the father, the mother, the child spirit of the Holy Ghost
born between them.

Mother Mary, Magdalena, wild woman, herbalist,
witch, heretic and slut. In this trinity you are the birthing energy,
the siren, the selkie, the high priestess.

The Mother Gaia and all her creatures.
I fall in reverence to your feet dressed in flowers
among overflowing streamlets.

This kale and this seaweed feed my belly
like your blessing feeds my soul.
Under-celebrated and undercover Goddess,

though you are the beauty of the world,
it is only in your deep veils of ultimate mystery
that the shining beauty of this true reality is revealed.

Picture Credit: Robbie Donaghey

Robby Donaghey11

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