For George Floyd

Born of White culture and historically White race.
There’s shades of grey and all kinds of
Diversity amongst people,
But you can see it in my face.

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, a Black man,
I want to acknowledge the white privilege I possess.
Even unconsciously, the challenge I feel at these times,
Of learning and evolving, is put to the test.

So regardless, I must start at the very least with this:
Pay my last respects to the memory of George Floyd, a father,
A Black man, an activist for peace and resistance.
Pay my respects to the Black community in the US where this

Is a man lost from community, from ‘Black Lives Matter’ unity,
From understandable fury, protest, even acting with impunity
In the face of the US Police and US disregard for Blacks,

When his life, like the others, is lost in injustice.


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