Something of a laugh,
Did you know the name ‘giraffe’
Is good to go for single and plural?
These things make me question
Whether I was ever informed.
Don’t be daft – we always knew
The hide was like a turtle, in
Young a smudgy brown,
In adult the white interweb
Gets more distinguished, the
Lines sharpen, in the web-netting
Of the giraffe. We always saw
Their seahorse faces, but with
Soft mouths mouthing flatly
The leaves they, kings and queens
Of height, eat on their path.
Always knew we their heaven’s eyes
Looking down from on high,
Highest of any animals like we’d
Be perusing the sky. What
A laugh! That we didn’t know
The tallest males, in their
Finest-distinguished chainmail,
In their brushed cotton patchworks,
Were not so gentle giants when it comes
To a battle for the female.
Giraffe, that is, two adult males
(‘Giraffe’ – what a laugh!) will swing
Their strong necks like wrecking balls,
Slamming into one another, til
One’s proven his craft!

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