I Found The Human Animal In The Zoo

I found the human animal in the zoo.
When I walked around the inside
Perimeter, the right-hand side of the
Raised path was done out like a garden.

‘What’s the animal in this one?’
I said to myself in jest. The Garden
Of Eden, where Eve animal and Adam,
Were wild in their ancient nakedness,

Surrounded by this fence? Among
Bromeliads and spiky succulents,
Amid rockeries and gullies,
This land to the right as I travelled

Around, was like the enclosure for
Humans instead. So that was the
Beginning of my trip round the zoo.
Little did I suspect it would end

With an echo. For coming back on
The way out, I saw on the other side,
Over the fence enclosing giraffe and
Zebras, the ostriches and, in the

Distance, the Nyala (an antelope) and
The rhinoceros – but before the rocky
Cliffs that reached down to the field,
(But nevertheless over the fence) –

A post in the ground, faded boots in
Foreground, a rusty gas cooker nearby,
A backpack hanging over the post – and,
A human animal hide: a faded shirt,

Once the pride, of a human
Humanimal in the wild Wild.

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