The Animal Alphabet We Learned

A is for aardvark, ape, or ant.
B is for Bear, baboon, or bee.
C is for Cat.
D is for Dog.
E is eel, elephant, or eagle!
F is for Fish, fox, or could be falcon.
G is for Goat, goldfish, guinea pig – no, Giraffe!
H is for Hare, hippo/hippotamus.
I is for Ibis, iguana, or inchworm.
J is for Jolly kangaroo, or Jellyfish.
K is (just joking) for sure the Kangaroo!
L is always Lion.
M is always Monkey.
N is almost always Newt.
O is Octopus equally with Owl.
P is Parrot, pufferfish, puffin, and Pig.
Q is (thankfully) the Quetzal bird.
R is the running Rabbit, or the rhino/rhinoceros.
S is Snake.
T is Tortoise, turtle, Tiger, or Tyrannosaurus!
U is the lonely Unicorn.
V is the vicious Viper or equally vicious Vulture.
W is always a Walrus, or maybe a Whale.
X is eXcused from this poem (if no-one complains).
Y is always the Yak.
Z is only and ever, always and evermore a Zebra!

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