Dear Flame

Dear flame,
How I let you down.
Why don’t I allow you
to fill my frame?

Dear flame,
Why are you so hesitant?
Will you burn me up
In my quest for fame?

Dear flame,
I feel you raging within me.
So many time I have
Doused your claims.

Dear flame,
Show me how to renew my spirit,
To take the lead, to lead others.
To remember my name.

Dear flame,
You are my ally within me.
Why am I so scared you will singe me?
Burn me down so I am not the same.

Dear flame,
How do I awaken from this slumber?
Brighten me up from within,
From under, from your source,
From the place whence I came.

Dear flame,
I am yours and you are mine.
Let this life not be asleep,
An underground course,
A forgetting, a life to blame.

Dear flame,
Steer my way, come from spark
To tender tinder; lift me up
Beyond rage, resentment, bitterness.
Help me where I am lame.

Dear flame,
Forge this path, the promise
Of my sight, the light that
Sears my visions, my dreams and
Remembering, beyond my shame.

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