Entering Again

Why wouldn’t the wise man
Want to enter again a life?
Finding out what is allowable
In this new domain, this realm,
This future, this ‘otherwhere’ and
‘Otherwhen’, this next chapter.

As a child, what society around him
Would smile benignly as he would
Brag, assert, demonstrate, argue,
Test, hypothesize, explore and discover.
Til his former will was tempered
In the love of this evolved world,

The child, seemingly and evidently,
A denizen of former assumptions.



Hiding Our Fears

In the pleasure of our
Lies the capacity
Like a snake
For us to hide like it was a taboo.

And turning away
We act this out
And mask our expression with assertion.
The right to explore our taboos.
Aggression, deception,
Trickery, doubt.
Like a child wondering what is allowable.

Would that we witness ourselves
And be witnessed in our joys.