Anzac 1

The loose metal road climbs
up from the bay.
A walk in the park was a
walk through the past today.

Memory, as a whole, is a
warm capacity for feeling.
But every episode remembered
leaves me yet, in their multitude,

A trusty stick sweeps away the
wreckage before me, the single
feeling returns, as a warmth
in the air I’m breathing.

Across my shoulders it goes.
The posture, if a pose, still
expresses and slows into depth
this feeling, with hands,
like bridge supports, holding both ends.

The rocking of my spine, the
sure grip of both arms, and
pressing on uphill, a sudden sense
shifts the scene, as it feels
like it’s a rifle I’m shouldering.

A soldier returning, a cup of tea
when I’m home, if not company then
some toast with tomato and pepper.
My mind drops into a grave
and sombre respect for the brave.

As I trudge up said hill, the past
no burden but the warmth of the
present, all homes, built on the warmth
of those who protected, yet were
subject to trouble, neglect, dejection.

Out Til Late At Night

Out til late at night
Or early in the morning
That paradoxical time
When some voice inside
Sensibly suggests it’s time
To go to bed.

But not before the drive
Back through empty streets
And back to the distinction
Of one’s own company
Such that it is hard to say
That it is mine.

Such that the day has been one
Of recovery and breakfast at midday
Reading on the couch glad
For the closeness of the cat.
The night so quick but the feet
Did walk in misty rain.

And the evening breathing
With the sound of crickets
Outside the whirr of the desk fan.
Roaming through the range
Of what I like and don’t like
By reading poetry.