There’s meditation
And then there’s meditating.
When one wants to meditate
One tells oneself to meditate.
‘Meditate!’ one says to oneself.

Upon which one meditates
And wonders why one speaks to oneself
In such a manner.
The wonderer, the ‘Meditate!-or’,
The meditator beyond them both.

Frodo Achieves His Mission

Well done, Frodo my cat.
‘Frightened Frodie’, scaredy-cat,
‘Frodo-dodo’, ‘Frodo-mojo’,
Mister Frodo, beloved cat.

This morning I saw in our interaction,
you have achieved your mission;
from frightened Frodo
to Frodo the Super-chilled cat.

You were one of a litter of five,
where your four siblings were
put down by the SPCA
for being too feral, too feeble.

For your mother was a stray,
(and your father who-knows-who),
and you have found your way
and survived your frightening journey.

From ‘Frodo more-backward-than-
forward shy cat’; to approachable
and approaching Frodo with Mojo,
beloved and loving cat.


Fuck, The

The suckers
Of the wire triangular
Keep coming off
The wall!
Hard pressing
The fuckers against the
Wall doesn’t work, only
Pressing for a
Long time
That pressure
Builds up slowly and
Surely it seems so
Well back to
The showering.
There’s the fear
That the fucker will fall
Again any minute, but no
It just stays
There. Fuck!

To A YouTube Video Of Jerry Garcia And David Grisman

Blessed be the Hippie Grandfathers!
Do not forsake us as we have forsaken you.
Blessed be thy presence on YouTube.
Blessed be thy example of old man love.

To that video we beseech you to
Remain on earth as it is in the internet
And heaven, to be thy bounty as long
As we can hold you with our mouse and hearts.

Blessed be the Hippie Grandfathers.
Blessed are we that these two fine hippie gentle-men
Show us again how to talk to each other
With hands and strings and a solid song of justice.

The Body Of The Buddha

1 .

May Allah be praised.
In the Buddhahood
Where the Buddha stood,
He was a Buddha sort of


The body of the Buddha
Was pure like no other.
The wholeness there
Was wholly discovered.


The body was a reflection
Of the wholeness around it.
Wholly the other, and all
Otherwise the Holy.


Within the body of Buddha
Was a Holy Matrimony.
Shiva and Shakti getting
Along sparklingly, always
Having it on.


Loving man and loving woman
Loving man and loving woman.
Within them there was born
The body of the Buddha.


Self self-erupting
Like the flowers and the
Vegetables and all the fruit,
Like all fruits of the Universe.


The body of Buddha
Was a marriage, of evolution
And involution, the fruition
Of the endless body of Buddha.


Within the self lies the other
Hiding and running away.
Someone oughta shoulda woulda
Told him he was only the body
Of Buddha.


She! She cries and cries
All day, the involution
The reception, the Yin
And the endless reflection.


Who is this body of Buddha?
Is he a man? Seeing
As I am being seen said
The Buddha, I should say that
I am.


Shakti with a kick-ass reply,
Replied who should you say
Then of who am I? Said
The Buddha no reply.


The voice of the body of Buddha
Was pure like there was
No other, a perfect blend
Of Shiva and Shakti and
The given.


Inside himself was the body
Of Durga, the daughter and the
Mother, the lover the betrayer
The Shakti the Shiva, the


In the body of the Buddha
Was the Earth Mother herself,
The bones and the muscle and
The blood and the gristle.


The flesh of the world
Was enmeshed in the Body
Of Buddha, but the worlds
Within went to infinity
And beyond.


The Buddhahood where the
Buddha stood was arrayed
Like the froth in a bubble.
All possible worlds ever
The Buddha strolled.


In each world was the body
Of Buddha being here in
Many multiple ways, endless
Choice to be here or afraid.


In the shadows a shadowy
Figure runs and hides and
Runs away. What world
Would a Buddha deny, one
Where he went astray?


In the love of the Mother
And the love of the Father
Is no child ever led astray.
The only thing that could be said
Is someone went astray.


May Allah be praised.
Within the known is found
The knower, and welcomed
Within the kingdom this day.


In the kingdom of Shiva
And Shakti, where the two
Entwined reign, the Lord
And Lady all bless the
Blessings of the day.


The Buddha is born, the body
Of the Buddha is born this
Day, fruiting forever in
Forever far off kingdoms
Contained within.


The froth on the sea of
Every wave of every sea and
Wave, in the body of the
Buddha’s amazing multiple


Ever the one in the body
Of the Buddha, our
Cosmic conscious universe,
Male and female and all
The rainbow arrayed.


The one within is born and
Awake and awoken up today.
All the days endlessly
Arrayed in rainbow colours,
Time and space.


The body of the Buddha.
May Allah be praised.
Shiva and Shakti, Earth
Mother, Durga and a little
Yin, all in the body of Buddha.

What’s Good?

My cat scratches the carpet
Hooking his claws
And drawing himself along on his side.

The garden is so generous.
I want to decorate it with figurines and tiles
Like a child’s bedroom
To show it how grateful I am for its inhabitation.

Hasta la vista pasta!
I haven’t touched you for weeks
Today I filled the bowl
With half a dozen steamed vegetables
All different, each taste becoming the
One something.



If I was a superhero,
I’d gather all the other superheroes,
And tell them of my secret secreted
Inside me, that makes me such a
Superhero, so super at being a superhero.

I wouldn’t know the sense of that,
What I’d pulled out of my magic hat,
If I didn’t see that something had landed
With a splat – like a rocket ship sat
On Mars that had made it back to Earth.

That somewhere in this circle of superheroes
Was suddenly expressed the same super seed
Of superhero sensibility in everyone of us.
We would all lean in to see it there
In the centre of the room, bright and clear:

The superhero supersonic sensibility where
Each one of us was possessed by the air
Of being a superhero. Willing to risk it all,
Life and limb, to bring it all out, nothing within,
Out on a limb, declaring it visible, inviolable,

Tangible and present, us risible superheroes!
The air electric with the potency of ‘super’,
Super-saturated, inundated, more-than-fantastic,
The atmosphere amongst us superheroic
In all dimensions, each and all sensibly


Home Pome In The Morning

On my mind in the morning
Was the fact that I learned
That it wasn’t that
(That) the tap was much tighter
After the plumber came –
Than that it was
That my habit was still
To turn the knob tighter
As it used to have been
When it was stiff to turn
Before the plumber had been –
And so in an aha
I didn’t turn it off tight
And it just sat soft and easy
And no water doth run! –
And that it was like meeting
Myself in the past and the present
And learning that I’ve learned
And I can just learn again
About staying in the present
Instead of turning off the tap
Too tightly as I used to do
Back in the day
Before the plumber come
And I was a younger man