After The Laughter

He’s hearing laughter coming from a neighbour’s house.
Two female voices in such a conspiracy of sound,
That he reacts as if to danger.
Are they up to no good?

Perhaps they have fireworks, that’s not too many weeks ago.
Zeroing in now to the sounds of splashing as well,
And still the rolling giggles.
Breaths catching in torments of glee.

It is the far neighbour’s swimming pool so nothing can be seen.
And closing his eyes he dives in to the dream,
Drinks it all in, the intimacy,
The torment and the fun.

The silken sounds are like bubbles erupting both lithe and light.
Chastened by the intimacy in that horseplay,
That generosity of glee, the spontaneity
Of gaiety, the freedom, the innocence.