The Breath Of Jesus

(Christchurch shooting, 15-3-19 RIP)
‘The Breath of Jesus’
Stems from Surah 5.110 of the Qur’an
In which Jesus makes a model bird out of clay,
And, by breathing upon it, brings it to life.
May the Breath of Jesus
Spoken in Christian Bible and Islamic Koran
Take the clay bird of this clay world,
Breath upon it, bring it to new life.

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Blessings On Islam

(Christchurch shootings, 15-3-19 RIP)

Blessings on Islam
Holy brothers and sisters
From the Western Shores, of Christendom
From our common ancestor in Abraham
From the monk to the priest to the mosque to the imam
Blessings on Islam, Blessings on Christendom
There is only one God, and has all Names.


Kia Kaha Aotearoa

(Christchurch shooting, 15-3-19)
As is being
in NZ,
I feel our
common strength
and desire
to not
Let things
like this ‘win’.
– – – – –
We will all
just take
such a ‘wave’
of violence –
And push back!,
and love
a little harder,
That the ‘wave’
of Good
is stronger!
And more visible
and vocal.
Kia kaha Aotearoa.

On The Seventh Day 

On the seventh day he was arrested
For inciting a peace’n’ love riot

That brought with it nevertheless
A deep and profound disquiet.

With a gasp they all grasped
What an ugly world they’d made

In the gluttonist parade

. . . . . . .
Of a poem that braved surfed

Through non-rhymes and non sequitur
To underscore the worth

That the medium is all that matters
What matters most is what the message is

Our underlying value in what we can express
Underlined by the value of this land and where our vote is.

And with that he rested.


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