You are all possible permutations of expression
In the All-encompassing Omniverse.
The multitudinous seas of self-expression
Are sweeping and surging through you.
You are the polyamorous polymorphic
Perversity of the Universe to express itself in infinite ways.
In infinite waves you come and go, and come and go again.
You are the All-encompassing Omniverse
Omniversing thoughout eternity.

In endless arrays you compose all beings
In infinite intricate fractal rays. Light and
Form in interlaced everywheres – and everywhens
And everydays – til end of time and time again.
You are the All-encompassing Omniverse
The Living of all lives and deaths and waves
And ways of being in infinite ways, all at play
In this Only-Place of knowing
And being.

Blue Bird

You are blue you blue bird
Flying over the sea
Your white belly ripples
From its azure sheen

Your wings are warm sunsets
Your fingers aflame
You sail from that giant fireball in the sky
Sitting on the horizon

You sail to me
Standing looking at you on the beach
With my feet in the sand just standing
On the beach looking at you

You are blue you blue bird
The waves ripple you as you swoop
Down before me and sail up again
There on that beach in the sunset

You have touched me with your white belly
A reflection of me multi-coloured on that beach
In the sunset that sinks slowly over the horizon
My eyes on you and you flying before me

In great circles of light
You are blue you blue bird
You bring to me the peace and majesty of the ocean
You bring to me the way you fly free