She was there where the coarse grasses were so long
That your trousers got wet and flecked with seedheads
Crouching under the ferns with her leggings rolled down
Past her knees and bent over while taking a pee there…

Hands cupped like a squirrel with a wild look in her eye
Wrapped in grandmother-like shawl with her sweet head
Tilted up like a turtle’s under folded carapace and damp
Feet with heels lifted that shone just like her knees bare…

Hair brushed with spider web fallen in swathes with like
Rouge on her cheeks while the cool air she breathed in
Cast a blue hue to the full lips just parted at the middle
Her forehead soft and clear with a mist finely beaded…

And light grazing on her nostrils that now slightly flared
The dark eyes looked at yours and smiled but entreated.