Grand Universe

You embody all beginnings at the heart of this place
The ever-slow, ever-fast pulsing of creation
From the core exploding outward, and there before the birth
The heaving contractions, the pregnancy, the Source.
You embody all beginnings at the heart of this place.

You know of the nature of this person and place.
Just as the stream ripples outwards, the dream streams
Into view, through an endless opening of beginnings anew.
You know the nature of this ‘worlds upon worlds’ universe,
And you know the nature of this hidden place too.

There you are the thought and the image and the word
And the name and the idea and the dream and the sound
Unheard – til in time’s many movements the manifest is music
Of the sounding of creation in multiple waveforms. Before
There you are the thought and the image and the word.

In this knowing we can imagine the harmony of God
As a voice and a breathing and a speaking of the form
Of the tongue and the dark mouth, cavities – the Void
That is pregnant with fullness, a plenum of ovum.
In this knowing we can imagine the body of God.

The God intersexual and omni and tri and multiple-partnered
The orgasm, the sigh in Love of all beings multiplying
The Void, the heart beating in two chambered harmony
In Love, in Love with any and all, all manner of being.
This God-soaked sexual thronging throe of Life.

Inundated Is Not Quite Overwhelmed

Inundated is not quite overwhelmed
But a piling up of syllables
Like parcels at the door in the hallway
Inside the threshhold, under the doormat
Date-stamped, demanding to be unwrapped
Lest their delicate paper clothes be saturated
By the sudden bursting of a pipe in the plumbing.
And all the gifts and well-wishes
All the bills and monthly subscriptions
The bargains bought on eBay and the postcards from afar
The money-back offers and hand-delivered love-notes
Are flooded by an urgency that will not wait.
The stream of time asserts its indifference
To all the chopped-up categories of your life & circumstance
And the blood of one’s being rises up in a bloom
That irrigates and suffuses and will not be refused
And overwhelms – no boundaries unbroken,
No corners uncovered, no dusty dead dreams left dry.
And all the demands and delays, datings and dotings
Are drowned – in a slipstream of sound and spirit.
Bloodwaters in an emergency that unblocks the gates
And I dissolve in the immediacy of this flow
Of the Word spoken speaking and the sound
Given its very human location in this Universe around.